THE FOOD...yummy!!


- Made of rice flour, with fish sauce so appetizing to be eaten.

- Famous along the coast/beach especially in Kuala Perlis.

- The gravy is made from boiled fish, grounded and cooked with its complement.

- Laksa can be eaten at all time, with putat leaves or selom, onions, finely sliced cucumbers and boiled egg. 


    Seafood is very well-known along the seaside in Perlis.

    - Seafood served is all fresh here.

    - For seafood lovers, Kuala Perlis and Kuala Sungai Baru will be the focus. Kuala Perlis is famous with grilled fishes, crabs, squid and various cooking at reasonable prices


    Bemban mango fruits, mangoes or mango egg and mempelam harum manis , now a ripe with sweet flesh finely cut eaten with coconut milk "pulut sibar" or glutinous rice, really appetizing.

    Glutinous rice that is sprinteled or mixed with coconut milk and then flattened.

    Harum Manis farm Sungai Batu Pahat, Perlis, prepares such food is during the season; normally it is in April to June every year.


    Herbal rice, namely rice mixed with a few types of leaves is a traditional food for people Perlis.

    A few types of plant such as mengkudu, putat, sekentut, cemumar ,selom, and the shoot of mentalun cut finely and mix with rice.

    Pepper and dried fish ground mixed with, to add flavour. Herbal rice is usually eaten when breaking of fast.

    It has a mixed taste of bitter, creamy fat and spicy that is good eaten together with yam vegetable as appetizer.


    Currently famous in the state of Perlis use the making icing known as use that ‘Icing Belinggai'.

    The Hard Belinggai is usually eaten on evening and is delicion mixed with flake or ringgi.

    Traditional food


    Pickle maman this usually several with slice of onion and chili.

    Normally eaten with rice for lunch and dinner.


    Fermented fish is made from fish or shrimp,
    Fermented fish is better known compared to fermented shrimp in Perlis.

    Usually fresh water fish (ground fish) like puyu fish, Lampam jawa, Sepat Siam, Sepat jawa and tilapia fish are used to prepare fermented fish.

    The fermented fish is often fried and eaten with rice for lunch or dinner. Some will eat with steamed glutinous rice and grated coconut.
    Masak lemak pekasam is also well-known in this state.